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Clowned(小丑) 5.23精简版


**这不是严重的恐怖游戏-只是为了乐趣:) **《小丑》是Agouara于2014年10月11日发行的全新独立恐怖游戏。 这款游戏充满了每个人的仇恨和对潜伏在深处的小丑的恐惧-有些小丑比其他小丑更深。 目的很简单:在午夜收集10张散布在黑暗的迷雾森林中的论文。 还不错吧? 这是否是徒劳的决定只能由您自己决定,并且因人而异。 如果您可以向所有人证明自己可以超越一切并在小丑的可怕面孔上大笑,那么您就成功地完成了目标。每次收集纸张时,怪物都会重生回到原始位置,但会有点生气。 您收集的论文越多,他就会变得愤怒。 完成游戏的关键是速度-尽可能快地收集文件并避开怪物。诀窍是要执行人们总是被告知要做的事情:坚持前进。 我们不能保证这条路会保护您免受森林的恐怖袭击,但您可以放心,可以在这条路的某个时刻找到所有文件。受臭名昭著的斯勒德曼的启发,《小丑》是一款相对简单的游戏,需要坚持才能做到。 您将征服森林并将小丑送回它所属的地狱。-=-=-=-=-功能-=-=-=-=-~~收集10篇论文〜可怕的小丑怪物〜巨大的幽灵般的森林 环境〜3D图形〜与数百种设备兼容好了,您现在都已准备就绪,只记得:别被打扰-Agouara 2014在Twitter @AgouaraApps上关注我们建议/查询中的电子邮件 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=我们目前正在制作续集游戏,其功能大大改善,游戏玩法更强。 这将在将来的某个时候可用。 请注意!

** THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS HORROR GAME - JUST PLAY FOR FUN :) **Clowned is a brand-new indie horror game released on October 11th 2014 by Agouara. This game plays with everyone's hatred and fear for clowns that lurks deep down - some deeper down than others. The objective is simple: Collect 10 papers scattered around the darkened foggy forest at midnight. Not too bad, right? The decision whether this is a futile task or not can only be made by you and varies from person to person. If you can prove to everyone that you can rise above everything and laugh in the horrible face of the clown, you have completed the objective successfully.Each time you collect a paper, the monster respawns back to the original position but gets a little angrier. The more papers you collect, the angrier he becomes. The key to complete the game is speed - collect the papers as fast as you can and avoid the monster.The trick is to do what people have always been told to do: stay on the path. We cannot guarentee that the path will protect you from the horrors of the forest but you can be assured that ALL the papers can be found at some point along this path.Inspired by the infamous Slenderman, Clowned is a relatively simple game which requires persistance if you are to conquer the forest and send the clown back down to hell where it belongs.-=-=-=-=-Features-=-=-=-=-~ 10 papers to collect~ Scary clown monster~ Massive spooky forest environment~ 3D graphics~ Compatible with hundreds of devicesOk, you're all set now, just remember: DON'T BE CLOWNED-- Agouara 2014Follow us on Twitter @AgouaraAppsEmail in suggestions / queries are currently producing a sequel game with much improved features, enhanced gameplay and more. This will be available some point in the future. Keep an eye out for it!


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大小:23MB 类型:游戏  - 解谜冒险 版本:5.23精简版

要求:安卓平台 标签: 暂无




修复iPhone 5c和iPhone 5s的按钮触摸错位Bug;


5.23精简版游戏配置-安卓5.0或更高的系统,iPhone 11(及以上),RAM:4GB。


安卓玩家: 品牌 :iphone X,努比亚 处理器(cpu):骁龙653,骁龙653,骁龙653 运行内存(ARM):2.5GB,8GB,2.5GB,1GB,2.5GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone 12 Pro或版本更高的机型